Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights

The GOP has come out with a "Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights".

PROTECT MEDICARE AND NOT CUT IT IN THE NAME OF HEALTH CARE REFORM But do remember that Medicare is government run, bankrupt and doesn't work.

PROHIBIT GOVERNMENT FROM GETTING BETWEEN SENIORS AND THEIR DOCTORS But it's perfectly ok for insurance company administrators to get between you and your doctor.

PROHIBIT EFFORTS TO RATION HEALTH CARE BASED ON AGE According to the GOP this is exactly what the "comparative effectiveness research commission". Wouldn't you want your doctor to know what medical research supports the most effective treatment?

PREVENT GOVERNMENT FROM INTERFERING WITH END-OF-LIFE CARE DISCUSSIONS Yeah, why don't you just wait until you are unresponsive and let great uncle Joe make decisions for you (BTW, is uncle Joe in your will?). The Democrats’ government-run health care experiment would have seniors meet with a doctor to discuss end-of-life care that could mean limiting treatment. How is meeting with your doctor government interference?

ENSURE SENIORS CAN KEEP THEIR CURRENT COVERAGE But....but....Medicare is broken, it's government health care. I thought we wanted to get government out of health care.

PROTECT VETERANS BY PRESERVING TRICARE AND OTHER BENEFIT PROGRAMS FOR MILITARY FAMILIES As Ronald Reagan put it so elegantly "there you go again". Health care for Veterans is government run. The government is incapable of running anything. If we care about our veterans we should let them purchase private health insurance.

Damn GOP hypocrits.

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hampshire said...

Obama forget everything firstly Public option and second one is Medicare.. Is Your second big mistake..