Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Better Time to Sack the Redskins - SL Did It

From a Washington Post opionion piece today :
More important, dropping the Redskins moniker would be the right thing to do. I'm certain that offending Native Americans is the furthest thing from the minds of fans or franchise. I suspect the truth is that most of us simply don't think about it. We've become comfortable with the word, complacent. And that has made us unwilling to challenge our own thinking or our assumptions about whether it might be offensive to those whom it describes. But can you imagine anyone in their right mind today trying to coin the name Washington Wetbacks? How about California Chinks? Or Kentucky Krauts? It wouldn't take a legal challenge from Hispanics, Chinese or Germans to put the kibosh on those ideas. It shouldn't take a lawsuit now to bring an end to such an unfortunate and hurtful name.

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