Sunday, September 06, 2009

Science Knowledge Quiz

Go here, to Pew Research Center and take this science knowledge quiz. The questions are easy, the statistics are scary. Only 10% of the public answered all 12 questions correctly. 33 percent of the public only got 6 out of 12 correct.


John Warren said...

Whew! 12 out of 12 and I am definitely not a science person.

Your stats sentence is a little off though - 33 percent of the public got NO MORE then 6 out of 12 correct.

10 percent got 6 out of 12 correct.

I'll work on my science - you work on your sentence construction.

PCS said...

I guess I was being a bit generous.

PCS said...

Oh yeah, I did point out that this was a very easy quiz. Very easy. If getting 12 out of 12 on this quiz makes one "science literate", we are in more trouble than I thought.

John Warren said...

I'd like to see the humanities version.