Sunday, November 08, 2009

NY-20 Rep. Murphy Votes Against Health Care Bill

Newly elected Congressman Scott Murphy (NY 20) was one of 39 Democratic House representatives that voted against the Health Care Bill. Twenty-four of those democratic house members were 'blue dogs' and you might have expected them to vote against the Bill. I've emailed Rep. Murphy asking for an explaination of why he voted against the Bill. I suspect I will get a wishy washy reply that doesn't really answer the question, but let's wait and see.


Anonymous said...

On the flip side, my Blue Dog (Arcuri) voted for it...good thing, too as he would have lost my vote if he'd joined the Party of No on this one.

Anonymous said...

I understand that speaker Pelosi probably understood Murphy's vote considering his district. But I didn't vote for him to only do things that let him get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Now's the time to write your congressman, I did.