Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Question About the War in Afghanistan

The following question was asked by former State Department official Matthew Hoh. "Do you want Americans fighting and dying for the Karzai regime?” Recently, our ambassidor to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, appears to agree with Mr. Hoh.

I think these two guys have it right. Supporting the President of Afghanistan, who was likely fraudulently elected, is not the correct strategy. First, I no longer know who we are fighting in Afghanistan, is it the Taliban or Al Queda? It appears Al Queda terrorists are all hanging out in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. As for the Taliban, the Soviet Union couldn't defeat them (Mujahidee not Taliban; see comments) and I doubt we will either. At least in a war.

It's time to bring out troops home which will save lives and about a $100 billion dollars a year that our country sorely needs right now.


Gromit said...

While I quite agree with the main point in this post, I must point out that the Taliban didn't exist when the Soviet Union was fighting in Afghanistan.

PCS said...

Sorry for being inaccurate. The Soviets were fighting USA trained and supported mujahideen. After the mujahideen chased the Soviets out of Afghanistan they began to fight among themselves. A group, today known as the Taliban, resulted from the infighting among the mujahideen. The Taliban were supported by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.