Monday, December 28, 2009

Run, Don't Walk to See Avatar in 3-D

Run, don't walk, to your nearest 3-D capable movie theater to see Avatar. Don't waste your money on the 2-D version. We went to the Cumberland 12 theaters in Plattsburgh to see Avatar in 3-D. Movies will never be the same. The best I can describe the experience is that it is like looking out a window at something happening, not looking at a screen. The "alien" planet is absolutely beautiful. The movies isn't full of 3-D "gimmicks", like things flying out at you (although sometimes....). There are instances where you want to reach out and touch cool little floating or flying alien animals. The movie has many messages that apply to the political situation today. The main message I took away from the movie is that it is much easier to reign destruction on a people if you can somehow convince yourself to hate make them seem less than yourself or just different. This movie is going to win awards if only for the new technology used in making an unforgetable experience. One technical question however. Many of the alien animals are hexapods rather than tetrapods, but the alien "humans" are tetrapods like us. I believe even the alien "monkeys" were heptapods. How did the alien "humans" end up evolved into tetrapods?

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Anonymous said...

Cumberland 12 theaters in Plattsburgh is a nice place to see Avatar 3D.