Monday, February 08, 2010

Can We Talk About Health Care? NO!

President Obama has proposed to Republicans that a bipartisan, televised discussion of healthcare reform take place on Feb. 25th. Guess who is very cool to that proposal? President Obama presented himself to Republicans in a televised question and answer period a couple weeks ago at a Republican retreat in Baltimore. It seems even the Republicans thought President Obama came out on top at that session.

So why can't we hear the conservative criticisms of healthcare reform and the answers the President has for those criticisms? Why don't Republicans want to do this in a public forum? Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) can ask his question publicly: "Did you lie about moving forward on malpractice reform?" I'd like to hear President Obama answer that question. I'd also like to hear about those death panels we've heard so much about or that evil board that will tell physcians what treatments they can and cannot use.

But there are several other topics that Republicans may not want brought into the public eye. Ezra Klein points out that six Republican ideas are already in the health care reform bill. And, there a many things that are not in the health care reform bill thanks to Republicans. Single payer is off the table. Public option is off the table. Medicare for those 55 and the table.

Republicans do not have the stones to stand up the President on National TV and question him with the lies they've told about health care reform to the teabagger population. The fact of the matter is, Republicans do not want health care reform period.

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