Saturday, February 06, 2010

Republicans Forced to Vote on Preserving SS

Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI)has the Republican plan for balancing the budget in 50 years, seriously. The plan basically calls for cutting Medicare, you know, that program the Republicans have told us they love so much recently. And, we would also privatize social security. Ok, good enough. Let's vote on whether to privatize SS or cut medicare. See how many Republicans are willing to put their vote where their budget is.

Resolved, That the Congress should stand with the American people to reject severe changes to Social Security, including any and all attempts to privatize Social Security, and instead should commit to work bipartisanly to make common-sense adjustments to Social Security to strengthen it for future generations while preserving its guarantees of secure income and family protection in the event of a worker's death, retirement, or severe disability.

Finally, House Dems are seeing the light, using Republican tactics, and playing hardball. Let's see how Republicans vote on this resolution next week.

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