Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Next Supreme Court Justice

Here are the rules for President Obama in selecting the next Supreme Court justice.

First, she/he must strictly interpret the Constitution and not be an "activist judge". None of this overturning 100 years of legal precedence allowing corporations to finance elections.

Second, she/he cannot be a liberal. Only conservative Presidents are allowed to select conservative justices. President Obama must pick someone who is right-of- center, that is plenty liberal enough.

Third she/he shouldn't be too smart. Smart people are "elites". We need someone with common sense, like a member of the tea party. Pick someone with the brain power of a, I don't know, Clarence Thomas?

Fourth she/he should not be a she or a minority. White men rule.

Fifth he needs to consult with the leaders of the conservatives...Limbaugh/Beck/Hannity before he makes any decision.

However, even if President Obama follows the above rules, he can be certain that his nominee will face a filibuster.

Like Ezra Klein says
President Obama could nominate the guy on the Quaker Oats box and Glenn Beck would find a way to connect him to Trotsky on his blackboard ("you know who else liked oatmeal!?").
Since we know Republicans are going to filibuster anyone who President Obama nominates, my suggestion is to pick a young, far-left, highly qualified black woman. It would be fun to watch Republican heads explode.


The Li3eral Menace said...

Let them filibuster. Let them hold the process hostage. He should have forced their hand on healthcare when the Public Option was still on the table.

Let everyone see how disruptive and nonproductive the GOP are.

Anonymous said...

And she must be a lesbian and have a mild Tourette syndrome. Then not only would Republican heads explode, so will their hearts. Oh happy days. I pick Angela Davis, she's only 66 and looks great.