Saturday, July 10, 2010

It Sounds True; It Should be True: Therefore it IS True

Ever hear of Ted Barber? He's runnin fer Congress down home in Alabamy. He's the guy running the campaign commercials where he has conversations with ghosts of the founding fathers. He ran the commercial claiming we are all going to end up slaves or in nazi-like concentration camps.

Today he writes an editorial in the Washington Post defending his positions.

Over the past 18 months, the federal government has sought to seize or has seized control of the health-care industry, the financial industry, the mortgage industry, the automobile industry, student loans, broadband Internet and the energy sector through cap-and-trade legislation.

Some questions. Has the federal government seized control of the health-care industry? If they did, they used mostly Republican ideas to do so. Have they "seized" control of the finance industry? Explain how please. Where is the evidence for what Barber wrote in the above paragraph? What are the facts? Do facts even matter anymore?

A few days ago, Former Gov. Mitt Romney wrote an editorial in the Washington Post describing how bad President Obama's new strategic arms limitation treaty with Russia is. Paragraph after paragraph of demonstrable misinformation and lies were written. Facts did not matter. It sounded true, it should be true, so it is true. No matter the facts.

Sadly, at least 40% of us believe in this crap. It sounds true, it should be true, so it is true. Facts no longer matter.

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