Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Green Mountains of Vermont

cvac 017

We went to the CVAC cross country meet last Saturday. It was held at the Plattsburgh beach on a beautiful Fall day. The beach is on Plattsburgh Bay where an important War of 1812 battle occurred on Sept 11, 1814. It was actually a land and naval battle. The American naval forces were commanded by 30 yr old Lt. Thomas Macdonough. The land forces were led by 32 yr old Brig. Alexander McComb. 5000 Yankees and Green Mt. Boys put to flight 14,000 British. The battle was a decisive win for the United States even though both land and naval forces were outnumbered by the British. An excellent history of the battle can be found here. Click on the maps.

Pictured are a portion of the Green Mt. Range in VT, still snow covered from our storm last week. You are looking across a penninsula, Cumberland Head, towards VT.

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