Thursday, January 05, 2006

Kirsten Gillibrand For Congress

Thank god someone is running against Sweeney to represent the 20th Congressional District of NY. I don't know much about Ms. Gillibrand but I'd vote for almost anyone, even another republican over Sweeney. Sweeney votes with Tom Delay 92% of the time. That is definitely not representative of my congressional district. That means Sweeney doesn't give a damn about alot of us. He can't even give back have Abramhoff money to a local charity. I'm planning on learning more about Gillibrand and eventually will probably have to put some money where my mouth is.

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Andrew C. White said...

I definitely meeting Kirsten. She is doing her best to get to every town in our 10 county district. If you can, or if you know someone that can, host a house party for her in your area that would be great!

There is some basic information on general principles on her website now. She will be making her formal announcement soon and that should be accompanied by specific position statements on her website.

But get to know her. She is very accessible. And check out the 20TrueBlue organization (we're much more than a blog). We are working to organize in every town and county.