Thursday, January 05, 2006

Upstate NY Blogs

I've added links below to a bunch of them including Adirondack Almanack, Musings of a (fairly) Young Contrarian, NYCO's Blog, York Staters, The 10,000 Things and 20TrueBlue (an anti-Sweeney site, good for you folks). Also, a link to Kirsten Gillibrand For Congress site.

Now, will someone please tell me how to get all that info back on top of my blog! PLEASE!


Andrew C. White said...

Thanks for the link!

I've had problems with the side column dropping down below also. It happens when something I've put in the side column is larger then the width of the column.

In your case it looks like maybe the photo's you added in a couple of your blog entries are too wide. Try sizing them down and see if that fixes the problem. Just eyeballing them the Kenya one looks like maybe it's the culprit. Though it may be all of them.


The 10,000 Things

PCS said...

Thanks Andrew!

B-Wizz said...

The links appear on the side/top if I'm at the sorter's computer, but at the bottom on the computer at my desk. It might just be the display you have on your computer - I can only look at your blog and one other at my desk. The other blogspot blogs I frequent - including my own - never look right on the old mac I have.