Friday, February 03, 2006

Julia's New Car


Got a great deal on a 2003 Pontiac Vibe AWD 'repo'. I normally wouldn't buy a Pontiac but the Vibe is the same as a Toyota Matrix. Her car is 'Neptune Blue' and looks brand new.


Sara said...

Glad her car isn't that BIRGHT YELLOW!!! My mom LOVED her Matrix, so I'm sure Julia will love the Vibe!

Sara said...

Where are all the winter carnival photos?
Missing SL this week for sure!!!

PCS said...

No snow, no ice palace, warm weather. Does not seem like winter carnival.

Sara said...

Oh no =) that sucks!!
How's your grant writing going? Mine is NOT fun at all, every time I come up with a new idea, I find it's already been done - so frustrating, someone in the course is already doing the Treg idea so I can't do it now, should have kept my mouth shut in class the other day when I mentioned that you'd recommended I read some of Maizels'papers to my friend Amanda this kid must have over heard me b/c he's been reading & quoting them to me - UGH!!! But I've posted a few photos this weekend so you should be happy with that :) When taking them I told the girls, "this is so my boss in the states - he & Paula love photos"