Friday, February 03, 2006

Plattsburgh Vote for Impeachment Fails 3-2

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There was a city council vote on impeaching G.W. Bush last night. I am very proud of the people in Plattsburgh, NY. Plattsburgh is considered a pretty republican area as is most of Northern NY. That being said, Clinton County did favor John Kerry for President. I guess that means that there are Republicans in Clinton County and Plattsburgh that have some sort of sense of right and wrong. Although the motion to impeach G.W. Bush failed 3-2, it was probably more due to the fact that some didn't think it was the proper forum for an impeachment vote. To me it seems like exactly the right forum. Democracy in action at the grassroots level. Of course, there were conservatives present calling people traitors, "Hang the traitors, death to the left," shouted one person as several in the crowd wearing veterans hats cheered. Yep, let's kill Americans that actually want to go after the terrorists responsible for 9/11. Everyone else is a patriot.

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Brian said...

I'm still not convinced it's the best forum but it's telling that people claim that soldiers are fighting for our freedom, but when god forbid someone tries to exercise that freedom, the reaction is hysterical and they are branded traitors. Anyone who calls someone a traitor for disagreeing with the president is himself committing treason, whether he's a freakin veteran or not.