Thursday, April 06, 2006

Evolution and Art!

Do yourself a huge favor and visit this website! It's Ray Troll's art and he sells some really cool stuff. Be sure and click on the evolution button on the left hand side. Then in the next screen click on the tv and watch a single cell evolve into a human right before your eyes.

While on this topic:

Here: "There is no evidence in the fossil record of one kind of creature becoming another kind. No transitional links or intermediate forms between various kinds of creatures have ever been found." For example, "the evolutionist claims that it took perhaps fifty million years for a fish to evolve into an amphibian. But, again, there are no transitional forms. For example, not a single fossil with part fins...part feet has been found. And this is true between every major plant and animal kind." ([22], p.19)

Wrong even before the latest discovery.

From the NYT.

They still don't buy it.

From Discovery Institute blog:

Even though this find does not challenge intelligent design, there may be good reasons to be skeptical about it.

These fish are not neccesarily intermediates, explain Discovery Institute scientists I queried about the find. Tiktaalik roseae is one of a set of lobe-finned fishes that include very curious mosaics--these fishes have advanced fully formed characteristics of several different groups. They are not intermediates in the sense that have half-fish/half-tetrapod characteristics. Rather, they have a combination of tetrapod-like features and fish-like features. Paleontologists refer to such organisms as mosaics rather than intermediates.

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