Saturday, April 08, 2006


1) Believes he was chosen by god to rule.
2) Claims to get instructions directly from god.
3) Never admits to having made a single mistake.
4) Displays no apparent remorse for actions. Never apologizes for anything.
5) Used an act of terror as a basis for establishing and expanding power.
6) His political base is an alliance of religion and industry.
7) Claims absolute power as supreme commander.
8) Premptively invades other nations branded as potential threats.
9) Creates a powerful domestic spy agency to monitor citizens.
10) Establishes Secret courts, secret trials, secret jails.
11) Establishes the practice of interrogation by torture.
12) Claims the power to kill anyone he deems a threat to the security of the state.


Brian said...

It's obvious who you're implying but it could just as easily be Nigeria's Pres. Obasanjo.

PCS said...

It could probably fit a lot of different world leaders. Unfortunately it fits the description of the current leader of the free world.

lisa said...

Can the Church Talk lady from Saturday Night Live answer this question?

PCS said...

I imagine she can.