Monday, April 10, 2006

Progressive Christians

I attended St. Bernards elementary and St. Pius X high school during the 50's and 60's. Christianity in the USA has changed since then. It's been highjacked by right wing conservatives and transformed into something I no longer recognize. So called 'Right Wing Christians' use religion as a means condemning their fellow man. Some of the things the 'Christian Right' support include: (1) prohibition of abortion and contraception; (2) prohibition of euthanasia; (3) prohibition of same-sex marriage; (4) restriction of biotechnology; (5) teaching of creationism; (6) increased presence of religion in government; (7) funding of religious charities; (8) promotion of their interpretation of so called 'moral values'; (9) opposition to sex education in public schools; (10) support for war in Iraq; (11) crusade against muslims; and of course (12) strong support of GW Bush, the man G_d chose to govern the USA and the rest of the world.

What ever happen to 'The Golden Rule' or 'Love Thy Neighbor'? The bible calls for 'caring of the least of these'; welcoming all to the table; peace not war; care for the poor and sick; compassion, justice, equality and faithful stewardship of the earth. Religion should be inclusive and not exclusive.

I've located a few good progressive Christian websites. CrossLeft, Christian Alliance for Progress, Progressive Christians Uniting and Cristo Lumen blog.

There is also a good article here called 'How Would Jesus Tax and Spend?
Christian perspectives on taxes and wealth' By Lisa Kaiser (scroll down a bit to find it). Remember a couple years back when the Governor of Alabama attempted, unsuccessfuly, to raise taxes as a matter of Christian duty? In case you don't, the story is here and here.

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Brian said...

Yes, I remember the conservative Christian and Republican governor of Alabama tried that a couple of years ago. I also remember his conservative Christian citizenry throw him out of office at the next occassion.