Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tahawus, NY - Part 2

Iron ore was discovered by Archibald McIntyre and David Henderson in 1827. They were supposedly guided to the site by an indian. This is the remains of the 150 yr old blast furnace. Unfortunately, the iron ore was 'contaminated' with titantium dioxoide making it difficult to extract the iron ore.

A view of the furnace from below.

If you crawl through that little hole you can get a nice shot of the sky (I didn't do it).

Decaying equipment closer to the river.

The mighty Hudson River. It's source, 'Lake Tear of the Clouds' is only about 15 miles upriver.

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Anonymous said...

Dear PdidySL,

For more information on the Adirondack Iron Works (with some really neat technical drawings/photos/notes), go to this Library of Congress web site and do a search for Adirondack or Tahawus. The "decaying equipment" photo is actually the piston type of air bellows assembly which was driven by a water wheel from a dam/spillway on the Hudson. These water driven pistons forced air into the blast furnace. There is an excellent series of technical drawings of this on the web site. Thought you would like the info and possibly you can place a link to this LOC web site on your blog. I have never been to Tahawus but I would like to visit the site on a summer road trip.


The Troll
"A Fan of Adirondack History"