Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Indian Runner Ducks and Belted Galloways

Ok, as promised, here is the picture of the Indian Runner Ducks. As you can see they look like bowling pins with feet. These ducks can run quite well but cannot fly. They have been bred to lay eggs, not to eat. More info here. I've forgotten what breed the other ducks are. Sorry.

Here are the Belted Galloway cattle. They are an old Scottish breed of cattle that have been described as early as 1786 but are probably much older. Belted Galloways are great foragers and, in the summer, thrive on marginal hill pastures. With their extra winter coat, they live out all winter with only hay to eat. More info here.


Sara said...

I like how it looks like the cows got their heads & butts dipped in dark paint - lol!

Where did you get to see all these animals?

pdiddysl said...

Underhill, VT