Thursday, June 01, 2006

What is Christianity All About?

Christianity as it exists among fundamentalists isn't about behaving like Jesus. It's all about faith--about believing the story. The underlying message seems to be: you can behave any way you want as long as you believe the story and say you're sorry before you die. Following the teachings of Jesus is much too demanding, whereas with the Christianity of fundamentalists all you have to do is shut your mind off.
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This guy seems to have it right in my mind. Christian fundamentalists rarely seem to follow the teachings of Jesus very closely. To them it's all about the moral values espoused in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), not the teachings of Jesus as described in the New Testament. But even the Old Testament values fundamentalist preach about are chosen very selectively. You don't see them advocating slavery or dietary laws that often. But, bring up the subject of gay marriage and watch out. Christian fundamentalists are obsessed with sex. The values of tolerance, non-violence and love are way, way down the list for these people.

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