Monday, May 22, 2006

NY Gas Tax Cut

George Pataki signed a bill yesterday reducing the amount of taxes paid on gas in NY state. It goes into effect on June 1st.

This is wrong on a few levels. First, will somone tell me how will we know that the gas companies are passing on the tax savings to us? Second, I don't like paying alot for gas, but paying high prices for gas reduces consumption which should result in reduced prices. Third, high gas prices force us to conserve which helps the environment. Fourth, gas prices aren't really that high. I bet some of you pay a dollar for a 12 oz bottle of coke or even water. Fifth, let's start thinking about our children.


Brian said...

now you know why i'm a green.

Sara said...

All I have to say to the people complaing in NYS about high petrol prices is, "ya big baby"

Pataki should raise the prices to what England pays that would teach them some gratitude!!

Brian said...

I'd agree with Sara if we had England's public transportation.

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