Monday, June 12, 2006

Are You Young or Old? Try This.

This is really interesting. A ringtone that only young people can hear. Click here and if you can hear a very high pitched are young. If not, sorry I ruined your day.


PCS said...

Thus far, 3 people in the lab, 2 of them undergrads and one technician can hear it. Three old people cannot.

Sara said...

MissyLou & I can hear it - what an annoying noise!!!!

Yeah I'm still young :)

PCS said...

Test it out on some 'old' people.

Shannon said...

I was one of the young!!! I'm the aforementioned technician. Thank goodness. I'm going to try it on some people. What good fun. Alan actually tested me by playing it when I wasn't looking and I told him to stop doing he finally believes me.

Sara said...

I don't know any old people near by . . . will have to send my mom to your site & ask her to check it out.

Shannon said...

My "aged" boyfriend can hear just a portion of it, while I hear the whole thing...this made for some good fun teasing Eric!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard a lowish annoying buzz. I did it twice just to make sure. And I'm 63 yrs. old.
Sara's MOM

M. C. Pearson said...

I heard a high piched sound. I'm 39 yrs old.

Just jumpin' around the blogs.

Sara said...

Well apparently my mom & Eric are one of these things:

a) young

b) have exceptional hearing abilities (probably from being such great parents, all these years)

c) or just plain lying - LOL

Does there seem to be any relation to sex (females hear better than men or vice versa?)

Who all can't hear it?

Paula said...

I can't : (
Tried it several times.....

Sara said...


Ringtone update… unfortunately we have a rather small sample size from this office but here you go:

Me (28) Positive
Tom (~40) Negative
Blake (~25) Negative

Positive = heard, Negative = not heard

The results are hardly conclusive!



B-Wizz said...

I could hear...something. If I paused it, it stopped - but it was faint so I won't rule out electronic noise from the speakers. As anyone who's tried to hold a conversation with me in a crowded room knows, I don't have the greatest of hearing.