Monday, June 12, 2006

Do We Spend Enough on the Military?

Of all the money spent on the military, in the entire world today, the USA spends 48% of it. That's 538 billion dollars out of the 1.12 trillion dollars spent worldwide. The UK, France, Japan and China spend about 56 billion dollars each, 4-5% of the worldwide total.

I'm rotten at math, but it seems that comes to about $1,793 for each man, women and child in the USA. I guess you have to ask yourself, do terrorists scare you that much? If they do, could you figure out better ways to spend the money?

I've never bought into this whole 'War on Terror' thing. It reminds me of the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and the War on Cancer. You can't have war on a tactic. Who are we at war with? If we win, which government surrenders to us? What exactly has to be done for the war to be over?

Is the war in Iraq over? They have a government now. Has that government surrendered to us? If so, how can there be a war? Who exactly are we fighting in Iraq right now? Whose side are we on, the Shia?...the Sunnis?....the Kurds?

How come no one asks the President or congressional representative these question?

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