Monday, June 05, 2006

Who Won the 2004 Presidential Election

If you are a citizen of the USA it is your obligation to read the article written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Rolling Stone Magazine. It's called Was the 2004 Election Stolen? and you can read it here.

A good commentary on the article, by Thom Hartmann, can be found here. I followed the 2004 Presidential election very closely and was glued to my computer all night. It was clear early on that the exit polls had John Kerry winning the election. Then a bit later in the evening something happened. It seemed the exit polls were all wrong in predicting John Kerry as leading the race. Next morning I was really disappointed, but I never bought into 'conspiracy theory' of the race being stolen by the Republicans. There was nothing in the 'liberal' mainstream press suggesting such a least not on the front page and even the liberal blogs didn't really dwell on it for very long. And, being a good citizen, I figured nothing like a stolen presidential race could ever happen in this country. However, as a scientist I know that, when properly applied, statistics don't lie. Kennedy has certainly convinced me that something very fishy concerning the exit poll results went on in several states during the 2004 election.

Take a look at the map and decide for yourself, but definitely read the entire article. Much, much more went wrong than just 'funny' exit polling results took place.

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