Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rep. Gillibrand Responds With Specifics

I'm impressed. I finally got a personalized answer from Rep. Gillibrand concerning my question on Universal Health Care and HR 676. Here it is:

Dear Dr.______,

Thank you for contacting me about HR 676, the United States National Health Insurance Act. I share your concern about our country's health care system, and I am committed to finding a solution that will give quality, affordable health care to every American.

Our health care system is broken and extensive changes need to be made soon. I agree with the goals of H.R. 676, and I believe that Congress can use many aspects of the bill as we develop a comprehensive solution. However, I have concerns about some specific provisions of HR 676 as currently drafted. I am worried that the proposed substantial payroll tax increases will negatively affect our already overtaxed small businesses and working families. I also have concerns that the bill limits participation to only not-for-profit care facilities, which unnecessarily limits access to all health care facilities.

My vision for affordable health care for all Americans is to open up Medicare- or a similar federal program- to all Americans, to buy health care at a rate that they can afford, as a percentage of an individual's income, as a possibility. It is unacceptable for 47 million Americans, including almost 3 million New Yorkers and 9 million children, to be uninsured. In addition, I am a co-sponsor of the All Health Children's Act of 2007, which will bring comprehensive health care for every child in America.

The 110th Congress was elected to refocus on our national priorities, including finding a solution to this important issue. I am committed to addressing this problem and I will work with my Democratic and Republican colleagues to draft a bipartisansolution that can pass the U.S. House of Representatives.

Thank you again for contacting me about this important issue, and please keep in contact with my office regarding any future legislation and concerns you may have.


Kirsten Gillibrand
First, thank-you Rep. Gillibrand for your reply. I'm not sure if using Research! America (basically a lobby), using my professional title or because of the recent visits to this blog by persons unknown from the US House of Representatives that resulted in this communication.

But it doesn't really matter. What matters is that a majority of Americans want Universal Health Care. I don't know the specifics of HR 676 other than it was ok by Michael Moore who probably does understand the specifics. We want SOMETHING. What matters even more, especially for a newly elected member of the House of Representatives, is that we want to see some ACTION! Many of us understand that the Republicans are using the filibuster to prevent action on important legislation but it's time to start using some hardball tactics on these members.

We also understand the many things that you probably do for your District. That's great. But to get re-elected we need to see serious action on the Iraq War, Health Care and medical research, Education and a fair economic shake in the economy for middle class people.

By the way. The "Farm Bill" is a joke. Don't give in to the lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you jerk, I'm sure the response was "personalized" to you and not just some form letter...


PCS said...

Actually it was personalized. But since it's likely that you have never bothered to even write to your congress person, you probably couldn't tell a form letter from a letter that addresses every point you raised in the your letter to your congress person. BTW, did you have fun spending 75 min. browsing this blog? Surely, you could have come up with some better troll comments after spending that much time.