Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spitzer Administration a Bit Different From Bush Administration

The big news today in NY seems to be how unethical Gov. Spitzer has been in seeking to discredit State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. It seems that some of Gov. Spitzers aides improperly used the State Police (kinda like Tom Delay misused Homeland Security a few years ago). The aides have wrongly used unethical strong-arm tactics to un justly tarnish the reputation of a man (sorta like Karl Rove and Scooter Libby did to Joe Wilson).

But here is the difference. Spitzers attorney general (unlike Bush's attorney general)made an investigation and a report that exposed the Spitzer aides) Both of those aids have been suspended and I hope they will be fired if not serve some jail time.

But the real difference is here:
But Mr. Spitzer acknowledged that his administration had “grossly mishandled” the situation.

“As governor, I am accountable for what goes on in the executive branch, and I accept responsibility for the actions of my office,” he said, as staff members stood nearby.
The governor actually takes responsibility for the actions of his aides.

Gov. Spitzer claims he had no knowledge of what the aides were doing. As a Democrat I'm not willing to take his word on that. Let there be a complete investigation and let the cards fall where they may.


Scoop said...

I am a moderate repub and I always liked Spitzer and by him taking responsibility instead of playing around and trying to cover up shows a lot but I agree there should be a full investigation.

Brian said...

i agree with scoop and you to some extent. but remember that cuomo is not spitzer's attorney general. he's the attorney general. while they might be of the same party, cuomo does not owe his job to spitzer.

Brian said...

Additionally, I'm no fan of Bruno but I'm sorry if Spitzer's mea culpa doesn't impress me as much as you. Yes, it's still a mild improvement of the chumps in DC, but that's more a reflection on the Bushies than on the integrity of Spitzer's people, more a reflection of the political accumen of Spitzer's people than their integrity. I consider the politicization of the state police to be a very serious matter that can't be swept under the rug with a simple, "Oh gee, I'm sorry I got caught."