Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adirondack Daily Enterprise Web Poll

Look at the comments posted at North Country Now's web poll site. It seems that reasoned, intelligent, responses to an online anonymous web poll are possible. So why can't Saranac Lakers do the same in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise web poll comments. For a comparative example see here.

Here are a few comments to the poll question Does the Minneapolis bridge collapse make you more hesitant to cross bridges?

The beautiful thing about the USA is our freedoms. Freedom to dress as we want; have gay sex if we want; speak as we want; practice religion as we want; shop where we want ...

If you don't like your choices, you can either dial 911 for a WAAAmbulance or get real and run for public office.

Quit your whining. If you want change, then step up to the plate and make a difference.

It's shame that some of the wacko progressives in this country just can't imagine that there is actually people who disagree with them. From their Godless Church, the Unitarians, to their claim that being gay is natural and normal they have managed to confuse our young. Thankfully some of us remember what the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement was actually about. It was about stopping people like them. Communists and Anarchists. It was about equality for all who followed the laws of our land.

ROFLOL ... you're crackin me up. I was at the retail-cap meeting last night. Talk about a chicken-little crowd. Like one decent sized retailer would totally ruin the Village. As if SL would be covered with urban sprawl, or turned into a Boston suburb in 10 years if one large retailer came in.

Duh ... look around, they aren't braking down our door to come here!

And it was like a 60's love-in session, what's with all the guys with pony tails and women with tie-dyed skirts. Hippietown USA.

All this hogwash about the unitarian cult is untrue. In 1976 while attending Potsdam State I joined this cult. At the time they were trying to be accepted as a mainstream religion so they could obtain tax exempt status. By their own propaganda, they did not fit the qualifications. They billed themselves as the "Thinking Man's Church". All the prophets were called "leaders of men". Jesus, Mohammad etc were classified as mere men with "special messages". Their claim was science disproved religions

Get real! Christians don't help anyone but themselves. They extort money from sad and lonely fools with false promises from an imaginary "Savior", then use the dough they steal to buy fancy hats. There is no God, loving or otherwise, and it was probably Christians that collapsed that bridge. The weight of all that monstrous egotism did the poor thing in.

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