Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saranac Lake Central School District - Additional Pay

Ever wonder how much the teacher is getting for coaching football or basketball or hockey? How about for advising the Art Club, Honor Society or directing the Musical? Did you know that high school class advisors get paid? It's all public knowledge but it's just not usually publically provided. Here is some information obtained from the Athletic and Extracurricular Pay Schedule 2007 - 2008 (year 3 of contract).

Let's look at some typical Head Coaching salaries for this school year (no difference between boys and girls head coaching salaries within a like sport)(all step 3):

Varsity Baseball $3483
XC Varsity Boys and Girls $3050
Varsity Football $4526
Varsity Boys Basketball $4421
Varsity Girls Basketball $4421
Varsity Boys Hockey $4732
Varsity Lacrosse $3483
Indoor Track $2969
Outdoor Track $3483
Soccer $3517
Golf $3483
Skiing $3202

Here are some salaries for extracurricular activities:

Art Club $1056
Outdoor Club $818

Director of Musical $2749
Asst. Dir/Choreographer $2595
Costumer $1208
Music director $1670
Stage manager $1363
[Assume these monies come from admission fees to the musical, but not sure]

Extra band days $1606
Extra chorus days $1606

Class advisors, 4 ea @ $1320
Year book advisor $3517
Video Club advisor $1375

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