Friday, August 17, 2007

Karl Rove is Good for the Little Guy

So says Michael Gerson in an editorial todays Washington Post. Kevin Drum calls Gerson on his opinion.
Really? Rove is the opposite of a cynical political operator? His great passion is helping the little guy get ahead? And his evidence for this is....wait for it....the mortgage interest deduction and 401(k)s? In case you're wondering, the first is an outgrowth of the generic interest deduction that was included in the very first income tax legislation nearly a century ago (and was originally aimed at businesses, not home mortgages) and the second is a program that was accidentally created in 1978 under a Democratic administration and then put into its current form by a benefits consultant with a nose for loopholes. The IRS under Reagan didn't shoot down the idea, but that was about all they had to do with it.
Gerson should know of what he speaks, afterall, he is a good, staunch Christian who wrote the phrase "Axis of evil" for his boy Bush. Gerson believes that atheists have trouble making moral decisions. This from a good Christian that had no problem with the USA invading Iraq with the resulting deaths of over 100,000 human beings.

Will we ever stop listening to these idiots?

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