Monday, August 13, 2007

Saranac Lake: A Community of Socialists or Communists?

An interesting morning on todays WNBZ radio Talk of the Town. One caller basically accused the supporters of the Saranac Lake Community Store of being Socialists and another caller accused special interests groups petitioning village government officials of being communists.

It isn't real clear how a group of people getting together and investing money to form a company can be called socialistic. It seems like it fits more with the definition of capitalism.

As for local progressive groups attending local government meetings and voicing their exactly is that communism?

This actually all about opposition to a proposed two year retail store size limit and support for that limit by groups such as Sound Adirondack Growth Alliance and Save Saranac Lake Coalition. The proposed limit under discussion is similar to the one instituted in Lake Placid in 1998 that limits a single store to 40,000 square feet (the size of a football field) and a retail plaza to 68,000 square feet.

UPDATE: There has been some confusion as to the definition of socialism. A whole bunch of definitions of socialism can be found here. The common theme seems to be government ownership and control(socialism) versus private ownership and control (capitalism) of industry and business.

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