Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ex-Rep Sweeney is a Lap-Dance Wild Man

Ok, you kind of expect that, as long as there is alcohol and cars, people are going to get stopped and charged with driving while intoxicated as happened to John Sweeney last week. But getting stopped while you are drunk and getting a lap-dance at the same time? At least it was a women and not a man sitting in his lap. A 23 year old women. This guy used to represent our Congressional district.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. From helping Bush become President in 2000 by shutting down a Miami-Dade vote recount with a fake protest, to beating his wife, to getting a lap-dance from a 23 yr old women on the Northway.

One thing you can you can give Republican politicians credit for....when it comes to sex, they are willing to try anything.

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