Thursday, November 15, 2007

More From Our Friend "Gary": Bigotry is Good

"Gary from Bloomingdale" has a letter to the editor in yesterdays ADK. Here it is:
To the editor:

There are many different views and opinions in this country as to how our society should act, believe and teach our children. I believe that one of the most detremental “movements” that seems to be infecting our system of values and boundaries is the secular-progressive mindset that embraces an ideology that diversity is all important and political correctness is more important than the moral and patriotic mindset of our country.
[Please be more specific. What should be the moral and patriotic mindset of our country. Please tell us so us secular-progressives can become more acceptable to you]

We have seen this anything-goes freedom-before-common-sense idiocy permeate our educational system to such a point that, if it is allowed to continue, anarchy will replace order, and moral and ethical behavior will slowly become a thing of the past. [I have to partially agree here. It looks like very soon we will have fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness and Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria etc.]

Now, I’m not advocating a theocracy — God knows that never has worked — but perhaps a return to a little common sense would be a welcomed breath of fresh air for the majority of our country. [Oh no, not a theocracy, just you supplying the rules about how everyone should live their lives]

When a school system invites SPs to give a speech advocating taking drugs, same sex experimentation, unsafe sex practices, and yet the word God can’t be used, as in the Colorado case, there is something terribly wrong with our society. [What the hell is an SP? Are we talking Scientology here or what. A suppressed person? Help us out here.]

This all started with Madeline Murray O’Hare, a self-professed lesbian and atheist, and snowballed into legalized abortion, and we’ve been in a moral landslide every since. [ We assume you mean Madeliine Murray O'Hair but whatever. Maybe three people on earth have heard about this person and maybe one or two of them care about her. There is no leader of the "atheist movement"]

I have been called a bigot because of my stand on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and many other conservative stands I take, and my reply is “GUILTY.” I believe that certain forms of bigotry are healthy for our society and, after all, aren’t these diversified people bigoted against anyone else who disagrees with them? [Why would anyone ever call you a bigot? Oh wait, you are calling yourself a bigot, well I guess we can agree that the word does describe some of your positions]

The children in some schools can’t hug, play tag, eat cupcakes, but can get birth control at 11 years old. [Oh yeah, those 11 yr olds in Maine getting birth control pills. Of course they are not getting them, but you won't hear that on Fox News.]

It would seem that our educational system is becoming as dangerous as the ACLU in this country, and for all who support such an organization, when is the last time they sued to keep God IN something? When have they sued to protect children from predators? The effect of such thinking has hampered the workings of this country and has not gained us any respect on the world stage. [Let's just dump those pesky old Bill of Rights amendments. They are really good for anything are they?]

I have a prediction: Watch for plural marriages to become the next FAD. Oprah had on a participant of one of these relationships and almost glorified the peactice. [Plural marriages are already happening or haven't you heard? Those good Christian Mormons out in Utah? Those people are devout believers in God]

We can only hope that when all this diversity-at-any-cost blows up in our faces that there will be enough common-sense thinking Americans to pick up the pieces and return us to a country based on moral values and not self-serving “just do it” principles. [Be more specific. How is all this divesity-at-any-cost going to blow up in our faces? Are we back to the cats and dogs living together scenario?]

I truly hope I am wrong and perhaps just being a bit of an alarmist, but every night when I watch the news I have the same feeling of just plain being scared of what may happen if this country continues in the direction in which it seems to be heading.
[Wait, don't you mean every night when you watch "FOX News"? Of course you are scared Gary, that's the plan. How can we continue to take away liberties in the US and continue to dominate the world unless we are scared?]


Anonymous said...

Gary from Bloomindale is a sad little man who's only voice up to know has been wnbz's talk of the town. He lives in his own little world.
"he's a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, makin all his nowhere plans for nobody."

Brian said...

The saddest part is just how many Garys in Bloomingdale there are across teh country.