Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rep. McHugh to Hold Plattsburgh Forum

Rep. John McHugh will hold a community forum in Plattsburgh on Tuesday Nov. 27 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM at 130 Arizona Ave. on PARC. The Plattsburgh Press Republican calls for decorum.
It is to his credit that he wants to engage in an unfettered dialogue. The probability exists that not everyone who attends shares his views. Some people disagree vehemently. Nevertheless, we ardently encourage everyone who plans to participate to do so with politeness and respect. The exchanges must be intellectual, not emotional.

I agree. However, it might be hard not to be emotional if your loved one has been wounded or killed or is on their third deployment to Iraq. It might be difficult to be unemotional if you are having family problems due to the war. Maybe you are concerned that the war is going to cost trillions instead of the "much less than 200 billion" promised by Bush, or maybe you care about the tens of thousands of dead innocent Iraqis. These are emotional issues resulting from the votes of congressional members like Rep. McHugh. He needs to specifically defend his votes supporting the Iraq War.

The Press Republican says:
A number of people in Plattsburgh have asked specifically for a session so they can clarify his stand on several matters, but the one most people seem intent on pressing is his views on the war in Iraq. The congressman is the senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, and he has visited Iraq eight times to see for himself how the war is being conducted. He is truly one of Congress's most informed members on the conflict.

Ok, then let's hear specific reasons for how we are going to end the Iraq conflict and a specific timetable for doing so. Exactly how many and for how long will our troops be in Iraq. Let's hear Rep. McHugh tell us specifically how what we are doing in Iraq makes the USA stronger, especially in light of the fact that our military is being all but destroyed.

This is your turn to shine Rep. McHugh. Come prepared to give real answers to real problems concerning the Iraq War.

Here is a possible question for Rep. McHugh.

Violence seems to be down in Iraq. How soon will Iraqi national reconciliation take place and how long should the USA give the Iraqi government to make it happen?

If national reconciliation takes place, how long should the USA keep troops in Iraq and in what numbers?

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