Monday, November 19, 2007

Supreme Court Supports President

Pakistan's Pres. Musharraf was "re-elected" last month. It appeared that the Pakistan Supreme Court was going to rule him ineligible to hold that office again. How did he solve the problem? Simple, get rid of the Supreme Court justices that ruled him ineligible (justices that he had appointed) and appoint new, "better" Supreme Court justices.
The powerful challenge that the previous Supreme Court represented to General Musharraf was the main reason why, on Nov. 3, days before the court was due to rule, he introduced de facto martial law, suspending the Constitution, dismissing the Supreme Court, and arresting the chief justice and other leading judges, a senior government aide has admitted.

It seems that the new Supreme Court has no problem with Pres. Musharraf holding the office of President again.
After dismissing the chief justice and the previous Supreme Court, General Musharraf appointed a new court of 11 judges who took an oath under the temporary Provisional Constitutional Order, which is in force under the emergency rule.

This is the kind of guy the USA supports time and time again. As long as he is willing to kiss our ass, he is ok with us.

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