Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Invasion of Georgia

Here is something really ironic. An editorial in todays New York Times, called Russia's War of Ambition says "There is no imaginable excuse for Russia’s invasion of Georgia." I find this ironic because the New York Times found all kinds of excuses, imagined or not, for the USA to invade Iraq. Needless to say, G.W. Bush finds himself in the same position as the New York Times. Do as I say, not as I do.


Anonymous said...

Oil, Oil, Oil!!!!
The BTS Oil Pipeline goes right through connecting Georgia oil reserves. For the same delusional reasons we invaded Iraq, Russia wants Georgia's oil. That's why our state department has been providing equipment and training to Georgia we wanted Georgia's oil. And just like always when Russia invaded and Georgia looked to its good friends the USA and NATO and McCain, the response was Georgia who?. The stabbing in the back of Georgia, with the back room deals at perhaps the G8 meeting or this years Bilderberg Group meeting, because there elected President is just a little to much of a nationalist. And who really wants another Venezuela anyway?

Anonymous said...


Our wise and fearless President Bush is sending in Condi Rice,, hurray, hurray........, to France? Now that should take care of the Georgia problem.

Wow, 'W' may just re-ignite the cold war as the coda to his completely incompetent leadership now leading this great nation America down a narrow dark alley steeply slowing downward.

I sleep at night knowing that I voted against him twice!!!!