Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are all Georgians - That Was Yesterday

Yesterday John McCain informed us that we were all Georgians. But that was yesterday. Today he says,
"We, we will decide in subsequent days as whether degree of provocation and whe-- who was right and who was wrong".


Anonymous said...

We have always known that our president has no brains, with Russia's invasion of Georgia, we know that he has no backbone either. We have close to 150,000 troops ready to go and just a few hours away.

Add cowardice to his long list of short comings.

JFK never blinked over Cuba! Somebody call his dad little George has pissed himself.
How sad for America in 2008.

Watson said...

Anon: You can't be a liberal, not if you wanted to swing all the troops into action immediately. If you are a Dem, then it's an old school Dem.

Either way, you have got it all wrong about backbone and the proper reaction. As a conservative blogger, I get my share of being called a warmongerer, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you don't give diplomacy a chance, then you're not doing the job the people elected you to do. Yes, I know you don't think he's done anything the people elected him to do, but that's not relevant to the situation in Georgia.

We wait now to confirm that Russia is drawing it's troops back. Pat Buchanan wonders what our strategic interests are in Georgia, Ukraine and other ex-Soviet block countries. It's quite simple really: FREEDOM - which sadly is not a strategic interest of many countries.

I support bringing any ex-Soviet block country into NATO. My reasoning being that Russia cannot feel free to attack it's neighbors, and a show of unity amongst all NATO members would hopefully curtail their dreams of reconstructing the Soviet Union. How do you think the rest of the world would view us if we invaded Mexico? It's the other way around, but that's another debate.