Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe Lieberman is Worried

Joe Lieberman thinks Democrats have short memories - they don't. Lieberman, like David Frum, sees the writing on the wall. John McCain is going to lose the election and he is going to take the entire Republican Party with him. Lieberman wants us to believe that he has been respectful of Barack Obama for the entire campaign. That's not the way I remember it. I watched Joe Lieberman, at the Republican National Convention, tell the entire Nation that Obama does not put country first. Lieberman has also implied that Obama is a marxist. I hope Lieberman gets kicked out of the Democratic caucus and loses his committee chairmanship.


Anonymous said...

implied he's a marxist?-He is a f#@*ing marxist. Lieberman has been had at by the dem's for not toeing the line before, it didn't work he is still a senator.

Anonymous said...

Liberman and the Grim Reaper are one in the same. The surest way to lose is to get Liberman on your team. Just ask Al Gore.