Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama Will Destroy Our Country

Here is my conservative friend of the North Country, Watson In The Adirondacks (like most Republicans he tends to stretch the truth ie. the Adirondack part of his name):
There are millions of Americans that will never sit idly by while a socialist/communist administration leads this country towards Soviet style democracy. We will fight you in the halls of Congress; we will fight you in the courts; we will fight you on the airwaves, we will fight you with every legal means available.
You can see that Watson has the final Palin/McCain talking points down cold. Get to the gun store, prepare for revolution. We are going to become like the Soviet Union! This is somewhat surprising because Watson is actually a pretty smart guy. You have to ask, does he really believe that crap he is spewing? Is Obama really a communist. Can you be a Muslim/Socialist/Communist all at the same time? A good Muslim wants his religion to be the government. I thought that's what Conservatives wanted. A socialist? You mean like Reagan or Palin. I can see that Watson is upset about the tax increase proposed by Obama. Wealthy people like Watson don't want to pay more in taxes.

Then we have Watson's enabler, Sir Charles. Sir Charles is worried that Obama is going to be like Bush when it comes to answering questions or investigating his own administration.
let me get this straight...not only does Senator Obama get a free pass for the election campaign, once he takes office any investigation of him or questioning of his programs, any investigation of his appointments, any criticism of his missteps will automatically be considered "hate"?
Well, why shouldn't Obama use the same standards that the Bush administration has used. Conservatives haven't been complaining about Bush's lack of forthcoming. Nosir, outing a CIA agent is patriotic.

I have to admit, I'm sitting back chortling about Obama's coming victory (I'm hoping for 350 electoral votes). Conservatives are scared to death that Obama will be as secretive as Bush has been. What's that old saying...."what's good for the goose...."? Maybe "not gonna get fooled again" works even better.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

What is truly scary here is that the folks like Watson will attempt to paralyze a democratically elected president's administration. Kind of reminds me of Clinton's BJ and the way they brought governing to an end for absolutely no purpose whatsoever except to attempt to destroy their opponents.

They apparently have no shame in their lies and distortions. Since 1969 the Republicans have run this country into the ground, unending wars, a racist criminal justice system and billions spent on a "war on drugs", religion dominating politics, and a destroyed economy in which workers are paid what they were paid when republicans first took power. Oh and then there's the last eight years of disaster.

Watson like his overexcited and ill-informed culturecrats should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Republicans can be saved. When the economy touches down and begins to grow again and the wars end. Maybe they will listen to Obama, like so many Democrats who listened to Reagan and believed. Only this time it will be better and America will be respected again in the world.