Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama Election Immediately Stimulates Economy

Looks like the rednecks are getting ready for Civil War II. Gun sales are skyrocketing now that Barack Obama is President-elect. Their gonna take our guns away! I highly doubt it. There are already more guns in private hands in the USA than there are people. But yeah, gotta be ready for the coming revenge of the Blacks. Damn, Americans can be stupid.


Anonymous said...

Anybody keeping track of Bible sales.

Just seeing if Republicans are clinging something other then guns.

Maybe President Obama is accurate.

Anonymous said...

I'm a gonna buy me another pistola just in case they come a knockin' fur Reperations...

It's my constitutional right!

Anonymous said...

'they' anon #2

How pathetic.

Maybe you can teach your 8 year old to shoot an uzi.