Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

"Random Thoughts" is a column published in the "Lake Champlain Weekly" which can be found for free in the North Country of New York and I imagine Vermont. This columnist provides insights into the minds of those individuals that still think G.W. Bush has been one of the greatest presidents in history. "Random Thoughts" are truly random, but there really is not much thinking involved in this column. Here is the latest example of a "random thought".
See where Toni Morrison and other writers think it's great that we've elected a 'literary' president who's already a published author. Well, the Germans once elected a guy who was not only a published author but an artist as well and we all know how well that went.
This is only one of a series of absurd "random thoughts" published every week by this hateful columnist.

Here's a really good one:
Good news is that a slight majority of Americans elected president a man who happens to be black. Bad news is it happens to be the ONLY thing they know about the man.
So Obama gets elected with a higher percentage of votes (52.6%) than Bush received in 2000 (Bush got 47.9%) and 2004 (Bush got 50.7%) but Bush and his supporters touted how Bush received a "mandate" to govern. No mandate for Democrats however, especially since Obama is so much like Hitler.


Mauigirl said...

Jeez,I hate these people. I for one feel I know a lot more about President-Elect Obama than I ever knew about Bush.

These comparisons to Hitler are so over the top I can't even understand what their point is. Do they think he's going to start exterminating people? Sigh...

Anonymous said...

The comparisons to Hitler are based on wingnuts beliefs in the three basic concepts to create a divide and ignite a war between the American people of African Americans, and American people of the Jewish faith.
The three concepts are:
1. Race
2. Race
3. Race
Its straight out of the writings wingnuts subscribe to with code words and everything. The so called 'Real America". I call it the evil America.

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on PIV or whatever it is. I agree with 6:24 am, and cannot believe that type of wait, I CAN believe it...small town news gone bad.