Friday, January 09, 2009

Cambridge Soundworks Radio

We hardly ever listen to our 30 year old stereo system. The receiver is going and we no longer listen to tapes or records, although we listen to a lot of NCPR. So....I decided to invest in a stereo system that we would use. After a significant amount of research I decided on the Cambridge Soundworks Radio CD745i. This radio is significantly cheaper than a Bose Wave (I paid $250 before Christmas and it is now on sale for $199). So far I am very satisfied with the choice. It sounds as good a the Bose Wave I once heard, it comes with a nice little remote, it plays CD's and has an iPOD dock. Unfortunately it lacks controls for bass and treble not that it matters that much to me. The radio picks up 20 FM stations (counting the French Canadian stations) clearly. My old receiver only picked up very local stations. I'm playing a CD of African music (Amampondo) right now and it sounds great. So if you are looking for a nice, compact (but heavy) stereo radio/CD player, now is the time to purchase one from Cambridge Soundworks.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, the Cambridge is by far a better radio than the Bose, even dismissing the price difference. I know Bose depends on the rich buying their products, but you'll get 10 times the bang for your hard earned buck by puechasing the Cambridge System. I've surveyed both, listened to both and had to wonder how Bose can charge so much for so little, oh well, you do the math and you'll buy a Cambridge, too