Thursday, January 22, 2009

GOP Worries

GOP worry number 1. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas)is worried that attorney general designate Eric Holder might want to prosecute people who used torture in interogations. Basically, Republicans want an attorney general who will promise not to uphold the law. Holder is the first attorney general (designate) in awhile who has proclaimed that he believes torture is illegal.

GOP worry number 2. Barack Obama is not really president because he didn't take the oath of office word for word. Ok, Obama retook the oath in the White House just to be sure. New GOP concern, the new oath wasn't taken with his hand on a bible (not that the Constitution requires it).

GOP worry number 3. Barack Obama has ordered that our government should be more transparent and accountable. He recently ordered that Freedom of Information requests should be granted whenever possible. Rush Limbaugh, in particular, thinks this order smacks of a "Banana Republic". Someone might find some information showing that someone during the last 8 years did something illegal.