Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AIG Bonuses - The Other Side of the Story

I'm pretty much staying clear of the economic crisis because I probably understand it less than anyone (I'm almost certain I got less than a C in economics in college). I do understand that it is complex and probably no one really understands how everything came together to cause our current economic mess. I am sure that there are a lot more people than just AIG execs that hold responsibility. The American people themselves hold a good deal of the responsibility for refusing to personally save any money.

A resignation letter from an AIG executive has been published in the NYT. It is worth reading if only to hear from the other side of the AIG bonus "scandal".


Anonymous said...

I read his letter and then I heard the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing.

gta mls said...

Hope Mr DeSantis will find some nice job for himself soon... what would you do in you were him? Leave in silence or publicly?

Take care,

Sara said...

i never even took economics in college, just my senior year in HS, which is now getting to be a long time ago, but the letter was interesting to read non the less