Friday, March 27, 2009

Uihlein Potato Research Station, Lake Placid, NY

Unfortunately, the website of this Cornell University research station is "under construction". You can find a little bit about this certified seed potato farm here. Luckly, I was able to get a tour of this facility in the interest of higher education (mine).

But check out these pictures:

The research station is located on Bear Cub Road in Lake Placid, NY. The fields are located behind the John Brown farm and the ski jumps.

The laboratory building, built in 1977, is in the background. Please paint the soles of your shoes before you enter past the gate.

The potato fields look very fertile and have the best views of the high peaks.
They plant 35-40 acres of seed potatoes every year.

Growing certified seed potatoes begins with replicating plants in test tubes with an agar growth media. Each plant is cut into several little stems containing germinal tissue which will replicate another potato plant.

Plants need to be checked for the presence of virus and bacterial infections.

Eventually, racks and racks full of plants are growing under lights

Plants are eventually replanted into the green house where the actual seed tubers are produced.

Different varieties of seed potatoes are stored in a cool building until Spring planting.

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