Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Betty Little and Less Government

Here is typical Republican and less government politician Betty Little:
State Sen. Betty Little (R-Queensbury) agreed.

"People like to see less government, less taxes and more money in their pockets," Little said, "and good jobs and the Republican philosophy is what does that. But the last few years, we haven't been able to get that message across."
Ms. Little believes in less government....except when she doesn't.

Who was it that opposed the proposed closing of prisons to save tax dollars - Elliot Spitzer (and now Gov. Patterson). Who is it that still opposes the closing of prisons (and saving tax dollars) - Betty Little.

I say "bulls**t to Betty Little. Show us how Republicans have saved us tax dollars and created a smaller, more efficient government over the past several years.


Small Pines said...

Hell, I am not even a moderately decent political thinker, and I have always thought that Betty Little flips and flops around depending on what she thinks will be popular. It's insulting.

corin said...

she also wants to do away with town clerks and make them basically marriage license clerks. she has no idea what she will be doing to the rural towns by doing away with the clerk job, thinking that the county/city clerks can handle the job. The town clerk is NOT the secretary to the town board. She also wants the position to be appointed rather than elected. I dont know if that is smaller or bigger government, but it is certainly encouraging and banding together of the "good ole boys" rather than allowing the taxpayers to choose.