Sunday, March 08, 2009

God's Answer to Cancer

Surprisingly, God's answer to cancer is not prayer. It's wooier than that, although the invention was inspired by a divine dream.
"It was then I had a vivid dream directing me to invent this electronic machine, I thought it was only to kill my intestinal worms, but then I was astonished to discover it was also killing my cancer! Now, after years of testing and improvements, I came up with this advanced Alternative Cancer Machine which, because of hearing about Hulda Clark calling her gadget a Zapper, I also initially used the same name, "zapper". for my machine, and called it the Bio-Energizing Zapper, for it "zaps" and kills disease germs.
This remarkable device cures much more than just cancer!!!
"My Energy Machine can kill any parasite, cure almost any disease, cancer, or infection, and is low enough in cost to be affordable. .It already has helped thousands by energy building up patient’s immune systems, and doctors in the Philippines are thus helping patients to combat Chronic Fatigue, eliminate Asthma, Stomach ulcers, flu’s, Pneumonia, Ovarian cancer, breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Melanoma, Lyme Disease, Dengue fever, Malaria, prostate problems, Juvenile arthritis, appendicitis, chicken pox, shingles, TB, Migraine headaches, Syphilis, and many others which have been stopped and reversed by this Energy Invention, but sorry, if you live in North America we have already been warned and ordered by Registered Mail from the Compliance Department of the Canadian Department of Health that we can make no claims to North Americans that it can help you.
All this for only $360 (including shipping). It's a wonder there is any disease left on earth.

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