Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ignoramus Congressman

Why are people like ignoramus Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.)continually re-elected and sent back to congress? In recent years it actually seems like advantageous to lack critical thinking skills if you want to get elected to congress.

Listen to Rep. Shimkus explain why climate change isn't worrisome. See, the earth will not end until God decides it must end. Says so in yer bible. Rep. Shimkus has also used "scientific" reasons that climate change isn't worrisom. Plants need carbon dioxide to grow, so more CO2 in the atmosphere is good. The word moron doesn't begin to describe this guy.

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Anonymous said...

You got it almost right...it's those who lack critical thinking skills that keep voting numbnuts like Shimkus into Congress.

The Republican party panders to the unthinking UnChristian Wrong...they depend them to get re-elected. I've always thought No Child Left Behind was a joke, and there's a reason it was never fully funded...the Repubs want kids "left behind", otherwise where will their future base come from?