Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Murphy-Tedisco Tie in 20th NY - Wingnuts Freak

It's basically a 50-50 tie in the 20th NY Congressional special election. Murphy is ahead by an insignificant number (61) votes with at least 5900 absentee ballots yet to be counted. I see this as a lose-lose situation for the GOP. The 20th district has twice as many registered Republicans as it has Democrats so they should easily carry this district in any election. But, if they win this election (and I'm still cautiously optimistic that they will not), it will be by only a few hundred votes at the most. Not the big "repudiation" of Obama that they were hoping for.

What is really fun however, is reading the comments on "Free Republic" concerning this race. Highly recommended reading that shows the current state of Republican "thinking". Here are a few comments found on

Yep. I was dismayed to see Tedisco take a stridently populist stand here. He vacillated on the stimulus bill and that made him look bad

All the absentees have been impounded per court order. I think the GOP was actually pretty on top of vote shenanigans in this district.

when elections are close, you can bet that the Dems will have the tricks to steal it.

Something is very, very wrong. These elections simply CANNOT be this close each and every time. MN, NY, etc. They must be playing with the votes to throw these races into the courts for decision by liberal judges.
The district is steadily turning Dem, they move from the places Dems have ruined to enjoy the relatively better areas...then are ruining them as well.
If the R didn’t win by 20%, consider it a lost cause. The Dims will steal it away.

That’s what happened to the once great state of New Hampshire, “Live Free or Die” -— so many libs flooded into southern NH to escape Mass., and now they’re busily turning NH into just another Boston suburb.

Yeah. And now that Zerobama moved the Census into Ballerina Boys office, we can be sure there will be no elected Republican’s anywhere ever again.

The GOP fell apart on its collective moderate ideology.

You have to wonder whether the above comments came from people who were living in the USA the last 8 years.

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