Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The American Way

This does seem to be a uniquely American phenomenon.
This is the American way. Since Sept. 11, 2001, when the country’s attention understandably turned to terrorism, nearly 120,000 Americans have been killed in nonterror homicides, most of them committed with guns. Think about it — 120,000 dead. That’s nearly 25 times the number of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We went to war with 2 countries because several thousand Americans were killed on 9/11, yet we allow many times that number of Americans to be killed by gun fanatics who just have to own an assault rifle. Too bad we didn't have drugs that could increase the size of these gun nuts penis. Maybe then the killing would stop.

I have no idea how to solve the problem. The Constitution seems to give us the right to bear arms. Unfortunately, the founders never envisioned assault weapons.

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theliberalmenace said...

Perhaps arms should (Constitutionally) be defined in terms of when the document was written. In other words, Americans can own as many muskets and blunderbusters as they want.